Soft Tissue Manipulation


A combined profession approach

ONE HEALTH - Health Training have combined our trainers' passion, knowledge and training in Osteopathy & Physiotherapy and over 40 years of combined clinical experience to present our course in Integrated Soft Tissue Manipulation.

We have tailored our Integrated Soft Tissue Manipulation course to provide each participant, with the most effective and innovative approach in manual therapy in order for you to utilise these skills in your clinical practice immediately.  We will address frequently encountered problems, practitioner positioning and posture and client comfort. 

We will also touch on our development of our functional neuromuscular assessment and treatment protocol, which compliments any treatment modality and provides you with an advanced in-depth approach to hands-on clinical reasoning.

You will learn


  • Summaries, uses, contraindication and indications to  Soft Tissue Manipulation

  • A combined Osteopathic and Physiotherapy viewpoint towards Soft Tissue Manipulation

  • A wide variety of Soft Tissue Manipulation approaches in the following areas of the body:

    • Cervical spine

    • Thoracic spine

    • Lumbar spine

    • Pelvis

    • Hip

    • Knee

    • Ankle & foot

    • Glenohumeral joint & shoulder girdle

    • Elbow, wrist & hand

  • Combining techniques and utilising other modalities that compliment Soft Tissue Manipulation

  • Incorporation of Muscle Energy techniques (MET)

  • Incorporation of Soft Tissue Release (STR) techniques

Who is this course for:

We aim this course towards; both experienced practitioners, who will gain valuable insights and improve on their existing experience and knowledge, newly registered practitioners and students who will learn 'good habits' for the foundation of their career.  This course will provide excellent new and innovative approaches to manual therapy. 

  • Osteopaths & Osteopathy students

  • Physiotherapists & Physiotherapy students

  • Chiropractors & Chiropractic students

  • Medical Doctors & Medical students

  • Myotherapists & Myotherapy students

  • Sports / Remedial massage Therapist

See terms and conditions for complete information on course booking details and requirements


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